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About Us

Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley started out in 1935 with one service station with 2 pumps and one delivery truck in the town of Fairmount, ND. Through the years the cooperative has changed, expanded and grown.

Today Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley is a full service cooperative serving thousands of members and customers in more than 7 counties in North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota. Things have come a long way since 1935. And our business has changed, too. Just like your business, we’ve adapted to the ever evolving business needs of our members and customers.

Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley provides:

Agronomic Products
Agronomy Services
Diesel Fuel
BioDiesel Fuel
E10 Blended-Ethanol
E85 Blended-Ethanol
Bulk Heating Oil
Bulk Propane
Full Service Automotive Centers
Farm and Home Stores
Convenience Stores
and much more…

As times have changed so has the cooperative to stay in tune with our patrons, members and customers. FUOSV is a premier provider of renewable fuels like BioDiesel and E85. Available at the pumps and in bulk, FUOSV believes in the need to expand the role of renewable fuels in both our local and national economy. And to underscore that belief FUOSV uses renewable fuels in all our fleet vehicles and heavy equipment.

The role of Agronomy and Agronomists has become more important to the farming community and FUOSV has stepped up to the plate. Led by certified agronomists and staffed with qualified applicators the FUOSV Agronomy Centers in Fairmount, ND and Breckenridge, MN can handle the fertilizer, chemical and application needs of the largest farm operations.

While others have come and gone, Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley’s mission of “providing superior quality products and services to our valued members and customers” has carried us through the lean times and helped us grow into the business it has become today.

We invite you to visit our stores, chat with our employees, visit the websites and see what a difference the “cooperative” way can make.