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Tri-State Fertilizer, LLC Terminal located in Fairmount, ND was built in 2004. It is a joint venture between Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley and Minn-Kota Ag Products. The facility couldn’t have been built at a more opportune time. Since the plant was built, the 30,000 tons of storage capability has become a very valuable asset to have, especially with the volatility in the fertilizer industry and the constant unpredictability of the weather. The facility is capable of unloading 800 tons per hour and receiving unit train quantities of fertilizer off the CP rail system. The plant is equipped with four stainless steel blenders that can blend and load out over 500 tons per hour. Most megaplants that are built are mainly to benefit the wholesale markets; that is where Tri-State Fertilizer, LLC Terminal is different. The blending capabilities were designed to benefit growers who are already blending their product and to utilize it in their fields as soon as possible. Our blenders can handle multiple products and also impregnate preemerge chemical and/or liquid fertilizer enhancers. The plant’s capability to store large amounts of fertilizer is a direct benefit to the grower, providing the assurance that the product will be there when it is needed and also at a more competitive price. The Kahler Automation system utilized in the facility is a checks and balances system set in place to ensure that the most precise blending capabilities and to track inventory accurately. The plant is, as they say, "a fine tuned machine" that has the capabilities of pushing out massive amounts of product in the most precise blends possible.

Corey Metcalf, Tyler Wrangler & Kelly Lehman are the Tri-State Fertilizer, LLC operators
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