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Emerald Extras is a program offered by WinField Solutions, LLC, a Land O'Lakes company that supplies FUOSV with Croplan seed and chemical. The program was created to encourage growers to make agronomically-sound decisions based upon their own unique farming practices. It is a customized system dedicated to increasing profitability, while allowing the freedom to choose which products best fit his or her farm. FUOSV has utilized this program for 6+ years and growers have really enjoyed the awards that come along with qualifying in the Emerald Extras program. The first year we enrolled everyone in the program and, without anyone changing any of their current practices or products they used, 21 people qualified for a total of 39 packs. Over the past years over 95 growers have qualified for one or more packs in the Emerald Extras program each year. Some examples of awards are: Regional Travel Condostay, Cruise, Canadian fishing trip, Computer, GPS, Ipod, Ipad, TV's, Generator, DVD player, Weather Station, Tractor GPS Guidance system, and NEW in 2010 started the Ultimate Executive Grower Field Trip which has taken growers on a 10-day guided trip to Brazil to tour some of the largest farming operations in the world, Private Carribbean Cruise, Costa Rica, Washington DC, Island of Hawaii, Maui and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The details of the program are pretty basic. There are packs set up individualized to specific crops. For example purposes, we will discuss the Soybean pack. These packs have lists upon lists of chemical you could choose from so there is a lot of freedom in what products you prefer to utilize versus others.

In order to qualify for a Soybean pack, a grower needs one product from companion A list: such as Headline, Prowl, or Hero insecticide; one from  companion B: such as Cornerstone, Powermax, Weathermax, or Ignite;  two Agrisolutions products: such as Alliance, Class Act, Destiny, Interlock, Preference, Superb, Section, Select, Tundra insecticide, Warden seed treatment, Maxin micro nutrients, or Zinc 9 or 10%. All of these are very common products that most of our growers already use, that is what is so great about the Emerald Program, our growers are already doing a great job at using agronomically sound products-- why not be rewarded? Therefore, we agreed to utilize this program because so many of our growers already qualify, so we would like to reward them for their support.

Contact your FUOSV agronomist to get to know more about the Emerald Extras Program, or to see if you have qualified for a pack.


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