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About Our Vision

Each and every day, here at Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley, we begin the day as if we have no customers and our goal is to EARN the right to be the primary agricultural supplier, and ultimately a partner for each and every one of you and your operations. We do not take anyone’s business or relationship for granted, but instead strive to not only meet, but EXCEED each and everyone’s expectations. We are not only the best at what we do, we are the only ones that do what we do!

Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley’s agronomy team has been under the consistent leadership of General Manager Lynn Nelson and Agronomy Manager Brad VanOverbeke since 1989. The agronomy team’s 23 full time employees have over 250 years of experience. Recognition is not what this team strives for - we work only for the simple satisfaction of a job well done. Our satisfaction come from focusing on being efficient, timely, and striving for perfection in all that we do. We value the results and relationships that are created with our growers. When growers rely on us to get the job done while racing against time and weather, our agronomy team is working day and night, 24/7 to get the job done and done right.

So, how do we compare? There is no comparison to be made as you look at the years of experience of our team, our leaders and also the amount of equipment we are able to utilize efficiently to cover record amount of acres season after season. Over 28,000 horsepower in equipment, massive storage capabilities, experienced employees, and most important of all, the loyal patrons of Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley all help make our company successful.

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